Our Story

We are focused.

FOCUS brings direction, renewal, and energy. With people who have decades of experience, The Palliative Care Foundation of Baton Rouge’s focus will always be on making sure our patients are not alone when they need us. We strive to meet the needs of every patient in their unique situation.

As we define palliative care, our focus is clear. In truth, we care about each of our patients and recently we realized we have to include the most innocent who need us – children. With new policies in place, our commitment is to treatment and keeping our patient’s future as bright as can be. Our story is one of care, compassion, commitment, and dedication to the experience of the families and patients who are entrusted to us. Our heart is to assist patients and families as they experience crossing from this life to the next.

The Palliative Care Foundation of Baton Rouge – FOCUSED.








Steven Braud